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Ever since my good old Soundmagic PL30 stopped working after one of the cables got ripped, I never really found a really good alternative. By the time the trusty PL30 wasn't usable anymore, they were not in production, which meant I couldn't get my hands on a new one.

There are three reasons I liked the PL30: it was cheap, it had good audio quality, and it had an over-the-ear design. That last part was particularly great, because it means they won't fall out easily, which is particularly useful when you go running.

Recently, I stumbled on a new product: the Moxpad X6. I bought them for about EUR17,- from AliExpress and received them within two weeks (sent from China). It's time to put them up to the test!

What's in the box?

Inside the box, you can find a pouch for the earphones, the earphones themselves, extra earplugs, and the removable cable. Yes, you read that correctly: the Moxpad X6 has removable cables! The cable that is shipped within the box feels quite sturdy and has a great texture. At the end of the cable, right where you connect it to the earphone itself, it has an extra layer of transparent plastic, allowing you to shape that part of the cable in whatever way you want. The jack plug on the cable is angled, which I appreciate, as it means the cable won't easily get bent in my pants.


The cable is of the MMCX-type, which means it is interchangeable with cables from many high-end in-ear monitors. The version that comes in the box has a microphone and a button to pick up your phone in case you can't reach your phone easily: while very common, it's good to see that Moxpad didn't try to minimize costs by omitting it.


The earphones themselves don't feel like a product of EUR17,- at all: they are solid, can't be pushed in and don't make any sounds when you apply some pressure. They are not too light either, it just feels right in general.

Sound quality

The Moxpad X6 has excellent sound quality. By all means, don't compare it to expensive in-ear monitors in the EUR200,- price range, but I can't hear a clear difference between this X6 and the Shure SE215. The music used to compare the two is ripped by myself from CD and saved as CBR 320 MP3. The sound balance seems to lean more towards the low and mid end, but it's by no means annoying in any way, though I do tend to use the equalizer to add a bit more treble.

Depending on the earplugs you use, isolation is great. Even at normal volumes, you won't hear anything from your environment.


At this price range, the Moxpad X6 is a steal. It's around the same price point as the Xiaomi Pistons, but it's much less known than the Pistons. I haven't tried the Xiaomi Pistons myself yet, but I can praise the quality of the Moxpad X6 in every aspect. The removable cables are a very big plus for myself and I prefer an over-the-ear design, which is why I preferred to try the Moxpad X6 before trying the Xiaomi Pistons. The average earphones from major brands at this price range are no real competition: for EUR17,-, you are not going to find earphones that feel this sturdy and comfortable, while also having great sound quality. The high tones are not very rich, which is a minor issue for me, as it does not bother me a lot in daily usage.

Verdict: 8/10

Roosters van de TU/e inladen in iedere agenda nl

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Sinds ik mijn agenda's bewaar op een CalDAV-server, liep ik tegen een probleem aan: de TU/e biedt roosters aan in een CSV-bestand, wat niet door iedere CalDAV-server wordt ondersteund. Daarom heb ik een script in elkaar gedraaid dat de CSV-bestanden die je uit OASE kunt halen door te klikken op 'Exporteren naar Outlook', kunt omzetten naar ICS-bestanden. Die worden dan weer ondersteund door iedere CalDAV-server.

Anyway, hier is het script te vinden: http://pastebin.com/ZKQZRZEd